Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 3
Just looking at this photo I am reminded of my dreams. It creates a flip-switch scneario for me to use for today. I am defining my new template for day to day entry... So starting over...I will start by deciding which flip-switch I will use today/each day.
Day 3
Flip Switch: My dreams of St.Elmo's Fire becoming the mARTketplace.
How many times I had to Use flipswitch yesterday:
Atleast 25! It was hard to remember the flip switch so I wrote on my hand.. I drew a heart with the word remember in it. When I was feeling crummy or negative I was sure to look at the heart and create the switch.
Interesting Story: This morning I was deliberately creating and BAM....negative feelings about money started to creep in. It took me awhile to recognize that but once I did I started deliberatly increasing my positive vibration. Once I was feeling fabulous, I found myself in a 20 minute daydream about my art/spiritual retreat in St. Martin at the top of the mountain. I was painting with Viggo Mortensen while Paul (my hubby) was preparing dinner. We were expecting many people for dinner as a retreat similar to was starting the next day at my retreat house. Then my dog came into the room and started licking my head. Yuck! Time to snap out of it but I did find my bliss for a good little while.
Epiphany: You have to be in a positive feeling vibration first (before daydreaming), otherwise negative stuff seeps in through the cracks in your emotions and ruins your intention.
Holy Cow: I just had to add this category as I just had a hair-raising holy cow moment. To set the stage... I am sitting here in my studio/store st. elmo's fire ( typing this blog while upstairs in "synchroniciTEA" (tea room),we have scheduled tea leaf readings with Marybette. Holy cow...just as I typed the words 'art/spiritual retreat', I overheard Mary bette say loud and clear (to her client, not me), "retreat of some sort... that is where your heart truly lies.. in building a retreat". On so many levels that moment of clairaudiency was truly intentional for me. I know what it means.

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  1. I love the idea of writting the "flip switch" on your hand - i definitly think that is something i should do too.....
    i hadn't up until now thought i needed to actually set out my "flip switch" but i know i do now....that's the most important part. i do have a pretty good grasp on the positive vibration and i'm rolling with that but i feel one step further ahead! thanks chris!