Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is this what mediation is supposed to look like??? My thought for the day....

So here it is day 3 of my challenge. I am a bit slow in starting the blog. I have thrown down the gauntlet. I invited two of my friends participate in this challenge with me; Christine and Dulce. There is something to be said for accountability. The jist of the challenge is as follows....

The challenge is based on the 30 day challenge outlined in the book " Excuse me, your life is waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn, 12th chapter. The idea is to create a flip-switch scenario by which you "uplift" your spirits and thoughts intentionally once you find yourself thinking a repetitive negative thought. Once you have lifted your vibration to one of a positive nature, you think about your intentions (dreams) in attempt to draw them to you vibrationally. It's based on the principles of the law of attraction. The "issue" about the LOA that most people miss is the "feeling" behind the intention. We are actually getting exactly what we are feeling about all the time. We all want money so we pick out a number figure, write ourselves a big fat cheque from the universe, buy lottery tickets and then? POOF! We end up further in debt. What happened? While your body was expecting the money to flow in, your mind and gut was worried about the ever-growing debt your bank account. You attracted more debt into your vibration. Get it?, It's what your feeling about. Feels crummy doesn't it? So, the challenge is meant to help dissolve that crummy feeling by allowing you to recognize the negative feelings and replace them with one of higher vibration so that you can FEEL the intentions of good things coming to you.

The challenge is on! Read on and feel free to comment - only positive thougths please!

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