Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok...ok, so I've skipped a few.... I am also making up the fact that it is day 13...that's where I have decided I am in this thing again....
The one thing I haven't stopped doing though is taking note of every time I have to use the flipswitch. It is totally becoming more profound. What do I mean by that? Well, everytime I "feel" myself sinking into a negative "feeling" mode, I recognize that I have to purposefully change that. That recognition comes easily, but the fact is it is difficult to find the quiet moment or space to perform the flipswitch right away. It is profound because you then have to struggle through the next moments of time knowing you are trying to switch it around.
I am therefore going to search for a quick way of flipping the mood/thoughts in my head more quickly. Just as time always allows us to go for a pee, I will find a way to make the necessary head-change just as quickly and less noticeable!