Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 6

Flipswitch: My Vision Board
Good Story: Each morning I wake up gazing at my vision board. What a sight for my blurry eyes to come to focus on.
I usually start in the upper left corner and then meander my way across the board living each section in my mind if one for a minute or two. When I have finished my daytrip...I mean daydream to my best life I am so happy and thankful for the gift of manifestation. I love my life and am so grateful for it.
Intention: Still have my sights set on Grail Springs. I am now a BLOG follower of the founder, Madeline Merenette. What a fascinating story she has to tell.
Holy Cow Moment: When I realized how easy it is becoming to recognize negativity in someone else and be able to close my ears to it or remove myself from his/her presence.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 5

I can get lost in this picture!

Day 5

Fipswitch: Oh l'Amour by Erasure
Epiphany: A song in my head will create the change, go figure!
Intention Focused On: Grail Springs... I am definitely going by the Spring!!!
Great Story: ??? It was all great... I stayed home and gave my brain a day off. LOVED IT!
Holy Cow Moment: When I realized I had to place my intention on real tangible things within this 30 day awakening. I could focus on long term things as well but I do want something measurable in this time of awakening. Grail Springs, here I come!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 4

If you look closely enough at this photo you'll see a house way up in the mountain (lights are on). That is the "dream house" I will be referring to throughout this 30 blog. It is located way up in the mountain (mont blanc) in St. Marten. I am told it will sell for about 10 million but I know it's my new art retreat. Today it's my flipswitch.
FLIPSWITCH: My dream house.
HOW MANY TIMES I HAD TO USE IT: Not enough today. I felt myself never feeling very negative but never feeling really "great either'. I tried reaching for manifestation type daydreams but never really got there.
EPIPHANY: You have to take time out to deliberately create in these early stages of this 30 days to a breakthrough. I am not ready yet for daydreaming and staying "lost" in that thought for very long before other stuff starts to filter in.
HOLY COW MOMENT: None to report today.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 3
Just looking at this photo I am reminded of my dreams. It creates a flip-switch scneario for me to use for today. I am defining my new template for day to day entry... So starting over...I will start by deciding which flip-switch I will use today/each day.
Day 3
Flip Switch: My dreams of St.Elmo's Fire becoming the mARTketplace.
How many times I had to Use flipswitch yesterday:
Atleast 25! It was hard to remember the flip switch so I wrote on my hand.. I drew a heart with the word remember in it. When I was feeling crummy or negative I was sure to look at the heart and create the switch.
Interesting Story: This morning I was deliberately creating and BAM....negative feelings about money started to creep in. It took me awhile to recognize that but once I did I started deliberatly increasing my positive vibration. Once I was feeling fabulous, I found myself in a 20 minute daydream about my art/spiritual retreat in St. Martin at the top of the mountain. I was painting with Viggo Mortensen while Paul (my hubby) was preparing dinner. We were expecting many people for dinner as a retreat similar to was starting the next day at my retreat house. Then my dog came into the room and started licking my head. Yuck! Time to snap out of it but I did find my bliss for a good little while.
Epiphany: You have to be in a positive feeling vibration first (before daydreaming), otherwise negative stuff seeps in through the cracks in your emotions and ruins your intention.
Holy Cow: I just had to add this category as I just had a hair-raising holy cow moment. To set the stage... I am sitting here in my studio/store st. elmo's fire ( typing this blog while upstairs in "synchroniciTEA" (tea room),we have scheduled tea leaf readings with Marybette. Holy cow...just as I typed the words 'art/spiritual retreat', I overheard Mary bette say loud and clear (to her client, not me), "retreat of some sort... that is where your heart truly lies.. in building a retreat". On so many levels that moment of clairaudiency was truly intentional for me. I know what it means.

Is this what mediation is supposed to look like??? My thought for the day....

So here it is day 3 of my challenge. I am a bit slow in starting the blog. I have thrown down the gauntlet. I invited two of my friends participate in this challenge with me; Christine and Dulce. There is something to be said for accountability. The jist of the challenge is as follows....

The challenge is based on the 30 day challenge outlined in the book " Excuse me, your life is waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn, 12th chapter. The idea is to create a flip-switch scenario by which you "uplift" your spirits and thoughts intentionally once you find yourself thinking a repetitive negative thought. Once you have lifted your vibration to one of a positive nature, you think about your intentions (dreams) in attempt to draw them to you vibrationally. It's based on the principles of the law of attraction. The "issue" about the LOA that most people miss is the "feeling" behind the intention. We are actually getting exactly what we are feeling about all the time. We all want money so we pick out a number figure, write ourselves a big fat cheque from the universe, buy lottery tickets and then? POOF! We end up further in debt. What happened? While your body was expecting the money to flow in, your mind and gut was worried about the ever-growing debt your bank account. You attracted more debt into your vibration. Get it?, It's what your feeling about. Feels crummy doesn't it? So, the challenge is meant to help dissolve that crummy feeling by allowing you to recognize the negative feelings and replace them with one of higher vibration so that you can FEEL the intentions of good things coming to you.

The challenge is on! Read on and feel free to comment - only positive thougths please!